Mapochs War (1882-1883)

History - Mapochs War

War broke out between the Ndzundza-Ndebele and the ZAR When Nyabela (Mapoch) refused to extradite Mampuru, the tribal chief of the Pedi.The war was ended after eight months and one day, on July 8, 1883.

Mampuru, and 30 men murdered his brother Sekhukune on August 23, 1882. Mampuru then fled and his with NyabÍla (Mapoch), the chief of the Ndzundza-Ndebele. When NyabÍla refused to deliver him, The ZAR, by means of a government proclamation, ordered Comdt.-Gen. Piet Joubert to besiege Erholweni (Mapochís Caves) on October 12, 1882. Erholweni is a natural fortress in the KaNomtjharelo district, north-east of Roossenekal. It was only after the Boer forces with the aid of other tribal chiefs, surrounded the whole fortress and cut the Ndzundza off from their water and lands, that they got the mastery.

Mampuru was sentenced to death and died at the gallows on November 22, 1883 in Pretoria. NyabÍla was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Ndzundza lost their tribal territory when the land was divided up among burgers who participated in the war. NyabÍla was later released and was allowed to settle at Kwa Mkhima (Derdepoort), near Pretoria.

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Mapochs War (1882-1883)